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I made this group for anyone to submit pride-related art!


1)  This is a MOGAI friendly space. If you have a problem with "tumblr" genders and orientations, then you, and your opinions are not welcome here.

2) No NSFW or kink/fetish related art

3) Cis, het, allos, allies, etc are welcome to join, but please no stamps or art for non-marginalized groups! (So no straight/cis/ally/etc pride stuff).

4) Questions about anything are welcome, but anything not in good spirits will be removed.

5) Idk I'll add more as I think of them
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Gallery Folders

Long Live 17 May! by SakkeM
FemTransexpressive Pan-platoniromantic Femsexual 2 by fffffff732
She/Her Pronouns Stamp by fellSans
They/Them Pronouns Stamp by fellSans
Pride Stamps
transman stamp by baIIgag
transwoman stamp by baIIgag
nonbinary girl stamp by baIIgag
nonbinary boy stamp by baIIgag
Pronoun Stamps
He/Him Pronouns Stamp by fellSans
Female then Neutral Pronouns - Stamp by StampGalaxy
Male then Neutral Pronouns - Stamp by StampGalaxy
Neutral then Male Pronouns - Stamp by StampGalaxy
Other Stamps
I'm Tired Of Transphobes by SumacTree
I'm tired of Homophobes by SumacTree
Amab Enbies are cute as fuck by SumacTree
Twink Fight Club by SumacTree
Pride Graphics
Demigirl Pride Flag by Soft-Arthropod
Praying by Jewl-Johnson
Asexual by xoTheLostGirlxo
Ehe fuer alle by engineerJR
Chocobo Gilbert Baker Rainbow Flag by videogamenerd1991
Chocobo LGBTQ Rainbow Flag by videogamenerd1991
Life is Beautiful [Pride Month] +sp by avenryn
A Spring Scene - Maka and Adelaide by AllItalianRejects
People and Humanoids
First kiss by SumacTree
The Lab- Like Mother, Like Daughter by Kallista-DW
The Lab- Underwater Kiss (Read Description) by Kallista-DW
My New ID Photo! by Lady-MysticMoon
Traditional Arts and Crafts
Bisexual pride heart and brazalet by Lil-Miss-Fandoms
nonbinary pride bracelet by xplasticxbrainx
trans pride bracelet by xplasticxbrainx
trans pride keychain by xplasticxbrainx
TemPie by Rainbowsmarts
Everypony Loves Zesty! by MustLoveFrogs
Dashie x Rarity by GrayPillow
Sundagio Sweet Sketch by MustLoveFrogs
Character Headcanon Stamps
Lesbian Megami Saiko Stamp by Mk513
Bisexual Osana Najimi Stamp by Mk513
Bisexual Gamma Stamp by Mk513
Lesbian Taeko Yamada/Senpai-Chan Stamp by Mk513
Pansexual Papyrus by fictionalpride
Steven Universe
A Garnet Valentine 2018 by HariCoelho
Warrior Cats
Lesbian Hollyleaf by fictionalpride
Other Fandoms
Jory and Hunter Making Out by HariCoelho
Rainbow Veins by Rairechu
Comics n' Stuff
A Little Humor Vday Card by HariCoelho
Name-Tag Rainbow Clay Pendant by AmazingAceArmy
Aspec Cards
ATC #01 trans pride by xplasticxbrainx










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gentlemidnightwhisp Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
So basically I wouldn't be able to join because I'm a cisgender asexual and would want to post stuff?
Pride-Flags Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
Cis people are free to join as long as they don't post cis/straight pride stuff. Ace people are 100% welcome here
SailorSeiyaDigiGem Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the request. I'm proud of being gay.
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1nklash Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
im gonna make up a gender and use that flag for it just to piss you off :) thank you for your contribution
KantankerousKitten Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
May I be invited to join the group? I have some poems and art I can contribute as well.
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